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German Sd.Kfz.186 Panzerjager Tiger Ausf. B Heavy Tank "Jagdtiger" in 1:32 scale by Forces of Valor


This is the German Sd.Kfz.186 Panzerjager Tiger Ausf. B Heavy Tank "Jagdtiger", Henschel Suspension in 1:32 scale by Forces of Valor. 

As a tank destroyer, the creation of the fearsome Jagdtiger was heavily influenced by one of its predecessors, the Sturmgeschutz III. Unlike a tank, a tank destroyer mounted its main armament within the hull of the vehicle, or more often in a completely enclosed, integral armored casemate as part of the main hull. From a purely economical standpoint, it was determined that a self-propelled gun was far cheaper to build than a tank boasting a powered turret since it required far fewer parts and less labor, and was therefore easier to maintain than a traditional tank. Moreover, under wartime conditions, it would oftentimes take a considerable amount of time and administrative work to repair a damaged tank turret with the goal of getting the vehicle back into the field as quickly as possible. The Waffenamt, the German Ordnance Department responsible for the creation of the panzerwaffe, therefore proposed a radical solution to this dilemma - it would be much quicker and cheaper to build and repair a turret-less tank that might necessitate the retrofitting of a new gun to the vehicle instead of a complete overhaul should it become battle damaged.