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Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Red Pig Edition #35 w/ Leather Base in 1:18 scale


This is the Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Red Pig Edition #35 w/ Leather Base in 1:18 scale by Ivy Models.

The Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Red Pig Edition #35 stands as a remarkable testament to automotive individuality and racing heritage. The striking red color pays homage to the iconic "Red Pig" nickname given to the legendary 300 SEL 6.8 that competed in the 1971 24 Hours of Spa. This limited edition model, marked as #35, not only carries the legacy of its predecessor but also embodies a fusion of performance and historical significance. The Red Pig Edition is equipped with a powerful supercharged V8 engine, ensuring a thrilling driving experience that aligns with its racing roots. The unique blend of the commemorative red hue, historical references, and cutting-edge engineering sets this SLR apart from its competition, making it a collector's dream and a symbol of Mercedes-Benz and McLaren's commitment to crafting automotive masterpieces that resonate with both speed enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The 1:18 scale model by Ivy Models is a highly detailed and realistic replica of the real car. It is made of high-quality resin and features a wide range of accurate details, including:

  • Fully detailed exterior
  • Detailed interior with textured seats, dashboard, and steering wheel
  • Accurate paint job and decals
  • Lucite display cover included